Hello there –

My name is Courtney.

I explore how to connect human needs or problems with business goals. This is often complex but I believe but advocating for the end-user we can continue to educate businesses – everyone wins!

A bit about me...

Melbourne born and bred, I’ve spent the last 11+ years in the design industry with my junior years in advertising and quickly found my way into the digital product world.
I have experience in-house and small to large agencies, spanning London to Oslo. I believe that design is design no matter the medium or platform, it is a way of solving problems; whether we simply want to communicate an idea or encourage action.

Why do I keep designing?

Technology is a powerful tool, how can we ensure we use it to our benefit and help make things easier, quicker or perhaps just a little bit more delightful? I take a very intuitive and curious approach, as well as employ the right tools and frameworks when required. I don’t believe in process for the sake of it and like pizza dough – no one likes it overworked.

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When I'm not talking about design...

You'll find me at the local coffee shop after a gym or yoga session, hiking in nature with my friends, cooking some delightful treats at home or out at gigs dancing my heart out! p.s. I love an emoji ✌️

Brands I’ve worked with

I've worked with a mix of well known international brands as well as national favourites 👏

Contact –

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let’s grab one!
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